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Emerson enhances OpenEnterprise SCADA for oil and gas
Release time:2014/8/20 16:34:49
August 18, 2014 - Emerson Process Management released OpenEnterprise v3 SCADA platform for the upstream production and distribution market.  The OpenEnterprise release offers ease-of-use and expanded device connectivity for communication protocols. User-friendly tools in OpenEnterprise v3 alleviate the pain of operating and managing large installations of RTUs and flow computers.

The latest OpenEnterprise v3 release introduces a paradigm to the SCADA automation market with its “Action Engine” technology. OpenEnterprise v3 offers an intelligent automation engine that does not require programming or scripting to manage complex sequential control. This enables users to gain competitive advantage and increases operator productivity.

The Action Engine’s rapid application development and change management tools enable users to get their new system commissioned quickly and empowers them to make automation changes required to meet changing business needs. OpenEnterprise v3 is a source for real-time data for both operational and business users and as such is an integral part of business processes, providing a unified platform for better decision-making across the enterprise.

The template-based design of the software simplifies the process of building the SCADA database, enabling faster well replication and easier management of field installations with a mixture of RTU types.

OpenEnterprise v3 ease-of-use also applies to the deployment of flexible system architectures needed for geographically remote locations. It supports a distributed communication middleware that allows clustering of remote radio towers into a single consolidated centralized server. OpenEnterprise v3 also offers significant lifecycle cost savings by leveraging an integrated wireless SCADA architecture. By integrating the WirelessHart instrumentation network along with the Distributed RTU Network, remote oil & gas operations are easier, safer, and more secure.

OpenEnterprise v3 is not licensed by tag count and consists of scalable software tiers that are fit for applications from local metering to mega intelligent oilfield automation projects that require automation of thousands of wells. A simplified unlimited licensing model lowers initial software licensing costs, while generating major cost savings as the system grows over the project lifecycle.
“The latest OpenEnterprise v3 offers the SCADA market a step change in value when it comes to ease-of-use by offering an open SCADA platform that is designed to be protocol and RTU agnostic,” says Craig Llewellyn, president, Emerson Process Management, Remote Automation Solutions. “OpenEnterprise v3 users realize increased operator productivity as new employees save on training time and are able to operate the SCADA system faster.”
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